I wasn’t planning on posting anything today because we toured another Roman ruins site (yes, I am seeing a theme here, are you?) and I figured no one would care too much about that. But once we got there, I fell in love with the ruins of the Roman theatre and decided to go ahead and post a little something. And then on the way back to Seville, we had quite the adventure so here I am to recap it all.

As we usually do on travel days, our group met at the bus station early this morning to pile on a charter bus and drive to Merida- a town about two hours away from Seville. The bus rides are usually enjoyable because they allow the perfect amount of time for a little nap, some reading, or like today, any and every “pass time in the car game” we can think of.

We arrived in Merida and the bus dropped us off at the entrance to the ruins. It is still fascinating to me just how large and influential the Roman empire was. From Arezzo to Rome to even here in southern Spain, the Roman touch is everywhere! Today, their influence in Merida has been preserved through another amphitheater, a fabulous theatre, gardens, a chariot racing track and a first century Roman home.

At times, all of these ruins I have seen over the past few weeks can run together and appear to be just a bunch of old stone and bricks. However, when I think about the fact that these structures have been here for 2,000 years and survived earthquakes, world wars, and every day wear and tear, it boggles my mind.And taking into consideration the fact that the oldest buildings in the United States are only a few hundred years old, these ruins really are impressive.

While I do love me a good colosseum/amphitheater/Roman sporting arena, I was excited we got to see something new today- a theatre!! I will tell you that it doesn’t take but a few minutes of being around me to figure out that sports are not exactly my thing haha. However, in those few minutes of being around me, I am sure you will hear me sing a tune or two and so you know that theatre and the stage is WAY more my thing so naturally, I was thrilled. 😉

It was beautiful and I can only imagine how grand it was back in the day when it was in full use. I got so excited that I began to sing and did a little dance routine right thereon the stage in front of all the other tourists today haha.

The amphitheater 

The fabulous theatre




Making my home at center stage 😉

After the amphitheater and theatre, we made our way to the gardens and then on to the first century home.


The house was HUGE as it was the home of a wealthy Roman family- so fascinating to see!

We took a quick snack break and enjoyed some yummy fries that came with both BBQ sauce and Ketchup– what a find!! I will never again take my condiments for granted. #beenmissingthose

Finally, to end our visit, we stopped by what is called a “circus”, however, there were no clowns or tightrope walkers or elephants. This kind of circus is large open-air venue used for public events in the ancient Roman Empire, such a horse and chariot races. The structure was massive and almost completely intact. Crazy!

I think this was my second favorite sight of the day.

So from here we loaded back on the bus and that was when the real adventure began. As soon as we stepped on, we knew something had to be wrong because it was stifling hot even though the bus had been running. Apparently it was running, but the AC was not. Uh oh!

It was bad and I promise we weren’t being dramatic haha. Keep in mind it was 97 degrees here today so we were hoping to climb into a cool bus and settle in for the drive back, however we were  profusely sweating and couldn’t get comfortable. The driver told us to wait about 20 minutes because once we got on the highway, the air should kick up.

Well we didn’t quite make it that far because bout five minutes down the road, we heard a lovely grinding noise and the bus slowed to a stop. It immediately went silent because we all knew something was  wrong and it didn’t look like AC was coming anytime soon.

Trying to distract ourselves from our sweat

The bus had clearly died in the middle of the road and after a few tries, the driver got it started, only it died again about two minutes later. Never a good sign haha. Somehow, our blessed driver navigated the bus to a nearby McDonalds equipped with both AC and Wifi (Wahooo!) and called another bus. We ended up having a little afternoon adventure at McDonald’s for about two and a half hours while we waited for the bus.

To fill the time, we ate Oreo McFlurries (hey, one good part of the bus dying) and played MASH and pulled out old hand games and those paper fortune tellers from elementary school.

It was actually a grand old time but we were definitely ready for the bus to come to our rescue. It finally arrived at 6:30 and we were soon back on the road again. We pulled into Sevilla around 9 and Ashley and I were thrilled to get home (we left at 7:15 this morning) and eat dinner and shower before crawling into bed.

Today shall forever be remembered as “That One Sweaty Tuesday in McDonalds” and it definitely didn’t go as planned, but I love that within our group, we all maintained a good attitude and had fun in the heat and waiting.

Adiós for now! 🙂


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  1. Sounds like a delightful day much because you chose to see the positive. I enjoyed this inside glimpse into your day. Thank you for sharing!

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