Today I took a little day trip back to Italy… well almost. This morning, instead of having class, we drove about 20 minutes out of Seville to a town called Italica. It is famous for the Roman city ruins found there. 

Having just come from Rome itself, it is fascinating to see how far the Roman influence spread during their time as the leading world empire. If I didn’t know any better, I really would have thought I was still in Italy by the looks of the town. 

The first thing we toured was the colosseum. Not THE colosseum, but this smaller one in Italica. Back in the day, events taking place in the colosseum were the highest form of entertainment.  People of all social classes gathered there for sporting events, plays, and gladiator games. From central Rome to the top of southern Spain, the colosseum was the place to be! 

This colosseum was originally much taller, but over the years has crumbled due to earthquakes. It was beautiful and fascinating to see. I am very impressed that this much of it has remained intact over the years considering it was build in the year 206 BC. Crazy! I am still continually amazed at what people of ancient times managed to build, but we learned today that the Romans were the fathers of architecture and engineering and many of our modern techniques are directly from their work. #woah #goromansgo 

We also saw the ruins of Roman homes and bath sights, as well as original tile floors and an oven. I can only imagine what life was like in this bustling town 2000 years ago. And I can’t help but wonder, did Jesus ever come here?? You never know!! 

Also, the tour guide informed us that Spain is home to thousands of olive trees and produces over 90% of the world’s olive supply- the olives grown here are shipped to Italy and made into olive oil then exported all over the world. You can see a just a few of these olive trees here but apparently when we go to Grenada on Thursday, there are rows olive trees that go on for as far as the eye can see. 

This afternoon, Ashley and I returned home for lunch with Maribel and our daily siesta. Heaven help us when we have to return home and a daily siesta isn’t a normal thing. The whole city shuts down and stores close for siesta time and then it opens back up for night life.. it is so nice! 


As of today, we have been here in Seville a full week and today we also celebrated our one week anniversary of getting lost. 

Praise the Lord it hasn’t happened again and we are feeling much more comfortable with the transportation system. We were a little scarred/paranoid to venture out on our own for a few days after we got lost and mainly stuck together or with the group, but in the past few days, have grown more confident and both of us have taken the bus by ourselves (only during the day) to run various errands or grab a little alone time. We know our way around the city and can get ourselves where we need to go- thank goodness! It is a lot more fun that way. 🙂 

The nice thing about having dinner at 9:30 is that the afternoons/early evenings are long and give you plenty of time to go and explore the city. Margaret, Abby, Ashley and I have met up at Starbucks the past three afternoons after our siestas and we sit and talk. Usually we catch each other up on the activities of our host household, exchange funny/slightly awkward or uncomfortable stories and conversations we have had with our host families, and discuss what food we have had for meals and try to guess what exactly was on our plate. All of the food we  have been served has been delicious, but I have definitely not known what a few things are haha. Oh and there was the one time we had some weird hot dog like meat link type things that really needed a condiment (preferably ketchup) but we had nothing of the sort, so Ashley and I dipped them in strawberry jelly. Not near as bad as one would think haha.


Today we shopped around the city center and grabbed ice cream before we all headed back home for dinner. It was a great day!

Tomorrow is busy with class, two quizzes, a museum visit, and a tutoring session with local college students. Then we head out to Grenada for a few days early Thursday morning. 

Adios for now! 


*Also we have a three hour train ride on Thursday and I am going to try and finish some of my Italy posts from the days I missed so keep a look out for those. #playingmajorcatchup* 

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