Granada: Day 2

Granada: Day 2

On our second day in Granada, I found myself on another tour of a cathedral. I am currently feeling like the cathedral  queen– I have been to about six churches in the past four weeks haha and have a few more in my future. They are all absolutely beautiful and unique in their own way, so I really can’t grow tired of them.

I will admit, when I went to the first major cathedral of my trip in Florence- this one with the CRAZY detailing all around the outside that completely blew me away and made me scratch my head as to how these people built- I was beyond impressed, but at the same time, I thinking “Why on earth did these people spend all this time and money on one building?” Seriously these things take hundreds of years to complete.

Don’t get me wrong, it is all wonderful and amazing to see, but for some reason my first impression was that it seemed a bit unnecessary and frivolous. The next cathedral in Siena was even more massive and decorative and then the Vatican just blew everything I had ever seen out of the water. #goldeverythingandeverywhere

I have only seen the outside of the cathedral in Seville- we tour it sometime the week after next- and then yesterday we viewed the grand cathedral of Granada. As we entered, part of me was thinking, “here we go- cathedral number however many of the trip- I wonder how it will compare to the rest?”

Well then I walked in and like every other time, my jaw dropped to the floor.

It was stunning and about 2 minutes in, I was in love with yet another building. #sorryboysthesebuildingscurrentlyhavemyheart #imkidding #butreallythesearebeautiful


Today was when it hit me why these cathedrals are all so exquisite. I guess I have the very American perspective that you can worship anywhere and have been taught God cares more about the heart than extravagance and appearance… It took me four weeks (I know I’m slow) but now I have a bit of a new perspective. Why did people of the 12th and 13th and 16th or whatever century build these grand structures? Well why not?

One of our tour guides the other day talked about how today, our idols/gods are singers and movie stars and athletes that everyone looks up to. The world builds incredible stages and movie sets and huge stadiums that are slightly ridiculous for the fans of these celebrities to come and watch. But back in the medieval times, they didn’t have all of the extra pop culture  stuff happening to cloud their focus on God and their faith so they built their structures to Him. It makes total sense to me now and I can appreciate it even more. Does that make sense? It kind of goes along with the principle of “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

I really admire that they held God was of such importance, they would only build the biggest and most beautiful churches to worship him in. 🌟

After our visit to the cathedral, we ventured next door to a chapel where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried. It is another stunning building (but no pictures were allowed). For a history refresher, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are the duo that helped fund Christopher Colombus’ journey to explore and find the Americas. #godblessferdinand&isabella #godblesschristophercolombus #andgodblessamerica

Our hotel had a beautiful pool and we all took advantage of the warm day to soak up some and and enjoy the cool water Friday afternoon. Don’t you worry, I drenched myself in sunscreen before I ventured out because I am still recovering from the beach last weekend and by recovering I mean basically getting a whole new back. #holypeelingalive

I’ve learned my lesson about the Mediterranean sun. 😳

The rest of the evening, didn’t consist of much other than enjoying some downtime at the hotel, attempting to order a pizza over the phone, and uploading pictures to my computer. It was so nice to have some downtime!

This morning we were back on the bus to drive to Córdoba where we toured another cathedral and explored the city. Temperatures of about 100 degrees greeted us there which I have heard is way warmer than what OK is having right now– so strange!

Now I am back in Seville writing this post and preparing for the week ahead. Times like this evening are a little strange when you study abroad. For instance, Ashley and I got off the bus and as we started to head home, looked at each other and said “Well what are we going to do tonight?” It was 5 o clock and it feels like a bit of a long evening ahead. The truth is we are both wiped out and are just going to stay in and rest, but it’s a different dynamic then “staying in” at home. We really just have our tiny room and the kitchen to go to within the apartment and it’s not like we have a couch and a TV to watch a movie or a patio to sit out on like we might do at home. It is also a little odd to not have freedom to wonder into the kitchen and find/make a  snack or dinner so we have to wait until Maribel gets home at 9:30ish to make our dinner. This is when I sort of miss home and my own food and my dear mother’s cooking/kitchen. 🙂

Just being honest here with some thoughts I have had today. It is important to me to not try and paint the picture of “oh Meredith’s trip is all gumdrops, sunshine, and roses all the time” as it could possibly appear from pictures I post or whatever.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been fabulous and so much fun and I am so glad to be here, but I have definitely had some adjustments and faced a few circumstances that are not necessarily bad things, just totally different from normal/take me out of my comfort zone (which I anticipated coming into this experience and is so good for me). 

Oh one more thing, Ashley and I were cracking up because Maribel came home at 9:30 to make us dinner and did a few things around the house and at 10:45, as we were getting around for bed, she came into say bye/goodnight because she was going out on the town with her friends. Uhh who is the 65 year old here? Haha it is so funny how different the culture is!

Anyways, overall it has been a great weekend and it has been nice to see some other parts of Spain. Now we are in for another full week of class and starting tomorrow, I only two weeks of my summer adventure left. Can you believe it!? It has flown by.

Happy Saturday to you all! May your June 10th be less sweltering hot than mine 🙂


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