Day 4: Thursday

Day 4: Thursday

I realized that I forgot to mention that I ended my Wednesday night with the inside of my hairdryer catching on fire which was just as thrilling as you would imagine. My converter got a little over excited but no worries, all is well now and what would a trip to Italy be without a #classicmeremoment. 😉

We finally have our bearings down and can get form place to place without feeling completely and utterly lost. All of the buildings look a bit alike and it has taken some time to figure out which of the 729 tall yellow buildings with green shutters you turn left at to get to the next street. With our new found freedom and confidence in hand, Ashley and I started off day 4 (Thursday) with a fabulous chocolate croissant before class where we learned about the Roman government system and some of the CRAZY town officials that ruled over the years. In the afternoon, we ventured to an archeological dig sight about 20 minutes outside of town where we saw ruins of a church that was built just 200-300 years after the death of Jesus Christ.

I remember walking the streets of Washington D.C., especially around Capitol Hill, and thinking “Wow, think of all the people who have walked here before me like Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. Here I am all these years later- this is so cool!” Well what is fascinating to me, is that Arezzo and Rome and basically every town around here is that times 10. These cities have been here for close to 2,000 years and now I am walking the same streets as people have for what seems like forever!

For lunch I tried to be healthy and give myself a break from the bread and carbs so I ordered a salad. Have you ever heard anyone rave about Italy’s salads? Yeah, me neither and now I know why. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend what I had and think I will be sticking with the pasta and pizza. #oops #wheninitaly

After lunch, we walked over to a BEAUTIFUL vineyard about a mile and a half out of town. As we approached the grounds, It hit me that “WOW! I am in ITALY!” So cool. Sometimes when I am in class or in my room or on the streets, it is a little bit easy to feel like I am just in any U.S. city- but no. I am waaaay across the ocean on another continent and in another country- it  was a very surreal moment.

The Italian country side is stunning and I could have stood there all day soaking it all in. The photos really don’t do it justice, but here was the view:


So dreamy right? After the tour, we proceeded to take more pictures than I did at prom and had a BLAST doing so. The boys were all such sweet troopers to hold our stuff and take 863 pictures for us… bless them.

I have been dubbed “Momma Mere” on this trip as I seem to always have my camera in hand and pass my hand sanitizer around the table before every meal. I took a break from behind the camera and hopped in front, although I did return for the boys to have their turn at a photo shoot.


We ate yummy pizza for dinner and nine miles and 21,000 steps later (thank you fit bit), the day ended with yet another gelato run and patio time before we all called it a night.

I am so grateful to be here and am having an absolute blast. Thank you all for your continued interest and sweet comments- I appreciate it so much!

Ciao! -Meredith

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