Senior Year is Here!

Senior Year is Here!

Today as I was driving home from school, I was reviewing my day and I realized how fast it flew by. My first day back to school was a whirlwind of syllabuses and rules, opening packages of freshly sharpened pencils and using new spirals, and greeting friends I have not seen all summer.
It was wonderful and overwhelming and somewhat surreal all at once.
It occurred to me that today was the start of my last day of high school and I will never ever get it back. While I realize this is not the end all be all of my life, it IS the start of a transition into a new phase of life.
Somedays I want this transition to happen tomorrow, and other days I can only wish that it’s a mirage far far away in my future. Yes. The future and the unknown are exciting and filled with dreams and hope.Yes. The future and unknown are scary and foreign. My thoughts and emotions about this season of life often change, but today as I drove home with my windows down and enjoying the pure summer sunshine, God reminded me that he is here. He is present and with me always. He is constant and won’t ever change (unlike my emotions). He knows where I am going to college and what I will do when I get there. I have no clue but HE KNOWS!
How comforting that knowledge is!! The burden is not on my shoulders, but carried by my Father above. The other day I was reading in Psalms and came upon these verses. I have decided they are my life verses for the time being…
Dear impatient and worried Meredith who wants her life to all be figured out tomorrow (I added in this first part): “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart. Wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 27:14
While I did review math today and found all my new classrooms, the biggest lesson I learned today was that I am to wait on the Lord. Trust in him. Wait on his timing and “he will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will council me and his eye is upon me.” – Psalm 32:8

Thank you Lord for your joy and strength and help me to continue trust in you.
And here is to senior year!!


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