Lessons from a Wildflower

Lessons from a Wildflower

I would be stating the obvious to say that every element of the scenery and landscape of Colorado is absolutely breathtaking. Today however, on our visit to the peak of the Rocky Mountains, it was not the grand summits that kept catching my eye, but the hundreds of little yellow flowers that were scattered all over the foothills of the mountains. Their bright color stuck out amongst the green and gray of the jagged mountain terrain and brought a soft beauty to the area. While gazing at the beauty of creation, the thought occurred to me that those little flowers had no control over where they were planted. They could have sprouted anywhere in the world. They could have been the stars of the show in a valley or garden, yet their their job is to simply complement the vast beauty of the Rocky mountains. 

I feel that it is so easy to become discontent with where we are in life or struggle when we feel like we aren’t in the spotlight or making a difference. Perhaps in a season of life that feels like this, we are meant to be the flowers and it is someone else’s turn to be the mountain.
Today these little yellow flowers taught me the important lesson of BLOOMING wherever I am planted and letting God use me in that place to encourage and support the mountains. 





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