Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress

Fair warning: Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because I woke up really sick and trying to type is making me rather dizzy.

Anyways, this was a good week and I am becoming more skilled with the keyboard shortcuts and remembering where certain toolbars are within the InDesign system with more ease. I still have my clumsy moments of meaning to click on one box and instead, grabbing another and then I end up moving a border that is crucial to the rest of the design and have to “command z” like nobodies business. I DID learn about the “lock” function yesterday so I most definitely will be putting it into practice as I move forward so I can save myself some time.

I kept my letterhead design simple, mirroring the design of my business card and I already can see improvement between the two designs. I can only imagine how I will feel at the end of the semester!

Unfortunately, I have discovered that many of the design inspirations I am drawn to require more work than what can be done in InDesign alone. I love watercolor flowers and pretty handwritten fonts (like  these below from Autumn Lane Paperie– what I would give to be able to that!) and I think I realized this week that you have to be able to make those on your own by hand outside of the Indesign and then scan it in to the system.  So I’m not going to count on having too many beautiful watercolor designs because I can’t draw to save my life.

I did teach myself some background removal tricks in Photoshop (to remove gold letters from the pic above) which I’m excited about and was pleased with myself that I wasn’t the last one to leave class yesterday haha- making progress here people!

Honestly, I played it rather safe this week and just wanted to be able to make sure that I finished my design and could get a good grasp on the InDesign system before I go too much further. I was very impressed and inspired by everyone else’s designs during the peer-review (which I found to be helpful and encouraging!) and look forward to continuing to learn more.


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