I have been and will always be a bit of a perfectionist. Okay, maybe more than just a bit. But I have had to learn to curve these tendencies and let a few things go.. Usually for the sake of time.

So yesterday, when we were assigned three projects and had to complete them in an hour and fifteen minutes, my heart started to race and my adrenaline was pumping.

Thankfully there is no shortage of media coverage and stories on the Oklahoma teacher walkout and so I there was plenty of material to work with. However, it sometimes takes me a minute to find me creative angle and put together a design I like. Usually, I play around for a bit and try a few different things before finalizing my idea.

However, yesterday it was GO TIME from the start and so I just kind of had to go with my first idea. Although I am not crazy about how it turned out, by the time I decided I didn’t like it, there was no time to start something new.

So… here are my designs from yesterday:


Not my best work, but hey! They get the job done for now. I am very comfortable with Canva and would have easily been able to whip up the designs using that program in the timeframe we were given, but some of my time yesterday was used figuring out the new Adobe Spark program.

AND… I am shocked to say, (because I am VERY loyal to Canva haha) I really enjoyed using it and loved the templates Spark offered.I plan to spend some more time on it in the coming weeks which excites me. My creative juices are flowing!

That is all for now. Happy Friday and Happy Easter!


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