If Only It Would Have Been An Eggroll…

If Only It Would Have Been An Eggroll…

I love Chinese food. Especially egg rolls. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that every time I hear the term “b-roll” my mind drifts to my favorite Chinese restaurant and their fabulous shrimp egg rolls. Somehow the yummy, crunch of an eggroll is more appealing to me than either of the video editing programs we worked with this week. ūüėČ

I am teasing- I do love a good egg roll- but the video editing really wasn’t too bad! I know a little about iMovie, enough to get by, so I decided to watch the Lynda.com videos on Adobe Premiere instead to learn some new skills. Honestly, some of the info went WAAYYY above my head, but for the most part, since I have some experience with iMovie, it was pretty straightforward¬†and helpful information.

At the moment, I have no reason to make a video on a regular basis, but I do really enjoy the process. My brother is a tech-guru and loves to learn about all the different camera and lens types. He is always researching the best drones and tells me about all the swanky filming and editing products out there. He also introduced me to Casey Neistat and The Bucket List Family, two YouTube vloggers who film a daily/weekly vlog. We love to watch the incredible shots of their travels they capture- usually with a drone.


Pic 1 Source: https://www.instagram.com/caseyneistat/?hl=en

Pic 2 Source: http://www.thebucketlistfamily.com/

I have helped him film short stories and gameshow type series with his friends and then I have had to make several videos for high-school class projects, but that is the extent of my video making.

While some elements of Premiere are way too complicated and not what I feel I need to spend a ton of time learning, now I do have the basic knowledge to crank out a video if necessary.

On another note, I interviewed Nicole this week for our project and loved getting to know her and hear her story. She is a foreign-exchange student from Bolivia and it is fascinating how she ended up here at OU.

We found out that we both have worked with Rotary Club – her at the international level and me here at the local level which was cool. Anyways, we felt REAL professional walking around Gaylord to film with my fancy camera (that I know about 3 operations on) and the HUGE tripod. It took us a few minutes and a little bit of help, but once we were set-up, we were able to knock out the filming and it was great fun!

My video is coming together and so hopefully it will turn out well. We will see!

Also, the remaining weeks of the semester are flying by WAY faster than I could have ever imagined so I am just buckling my seatbelt and holding on tight until the end of the ride. It has been a good one for sure!

That is all for now- Happy FriYAY!


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