I Learned That I Can’t Draw and Now I’m Here

I Learned That I Can’t Draw and Now I’m Here

From the time I was little, I have been fun, imaginative and creative. I was the QUEEN of dress-up and would be a princess one minute, a mom the next and then a random hobo of sorts ten minutes later when I couldn’t decide what to wear.

*pictures should go here– technical difficulties!!*

I could usually be found playing with my Barbie and American Girl dolls, and from that time, have always loved the idea of creating and designing. I would draw layouts of houses that I wanted my dolls to live in and then arrange my doll furniture accordingly. If there was something I needed for the house but didn’t have, I would make it out of a cardboard box and fabric scraps from my mom’s sewing box.

My bedroom is in the same hallway as my parents and I would spread my toys out over the entire floor and my poor dad would come home from work and have to step over a plastic and cardboard Barbie and neighborhood to get to his closet haha. I am the only girl in my family so I learned to be very content playing by myself and loved to lay out this whole world of imaginary play.

As I grew older and started middle school, I didn’t play with my dolls anymore, but I still loved to imagine and create and found new ways to channel my creative bug. I became fascinated by HGTV (hello my first email address was HGTVfreak58@gmail.com, the 58 being because that was the channel number haha) and was amazed with the process of the designers taking a drab and out-dated room and turning it into a functional and beautiful space. Canadian designer, Candice Olson and her show Divine Design was by far my favorite.

I would follow her design lead and sketch out a house plan for a made-up family using my mom’s Pottery Barn catalogs as inspiration. 

If you would have asked thirteen-year-old Meredith what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer was an HGTV star with her own design show (honestly, would still love to do this). However, my drawing skills are very limited (which is unfortunate- what I would give to be able to draw more than stick figures and furniture that was just different shaped boxes) and so when I realized I didn’t quite have the knack for design in that way, I moved to the computer and began trying out my ideas there.

I had the cutest binder covers in all the land throughout middle school and high-school and would spend 30 minutes deciding which font to use for which subject. Then I began to make my own birthday cards for my friends in Microsoft Publisher and would take cute images or graphics I found online and put my own spin on them.

As I went through high-school and eventually began working as an intern at Oklahoma Electric Cooperative in college, I learned Canva and am decently proficient on that platform. I plan and create all of the social content for the OEC Youth Programs Facebook page which I have had a blast doing, but definitely have moments where I wish I knew how to design something in a different way but then after a trip to the deep trenches of a Google search, realize it is only possible in an Adobe system and that I have no idea how to do it. Yikes! #workingonit

You can see some of my designs for OEC here on Facebook and here on my website.

So when it came time for college and I had to decide what to major in, I wasn’t exactly sure where to go because there isn’t a clear degree path for “have your own show on HGTV” and I knew I lacked a lot of foundational skills to try my hand at interior design.

I decided to keep my home design fascination as a hobby and based off my skills and interests, (writing, public speaking/talking in general, my love for people, etc) landed here in Gaylord College. From day one, I have loved what I have learned and knew it was where I was supposed to be, even though it took me a bit to decipher which of the five major I would call my own.

I fell in love with the field of public relations last semester and decided to go ahead and pursue it as my career. So here we are two days in to PR Publications and I am feeling good about things! I love the small, intimate class size and as much as I like Gaylord 1140, I’m glad to be acquainted with another part of the building.

It has been a good experience so far. On day one, we got to know each other and got an idea of what we will be working on this semester. I love that we have the opportunity to keep working and perfecting our projects until they are complete. Some days I have better creative flow than others and if I had to whip something out in one day just because it was due, I feel like the product would be forced and inorganic.

On day two, we explored just what exactly PR publications are and talked a bit about the design process (and who better to talk about it than the guys at Pixar!! I love their creativity and attention to detail). Who knew it was so deep and introspective? I love it! I really enjoy journaling and reflecting on experiences and situations so all of the deep thought that goes into one project is right up my alley.

I am looking forward to the rest of the semester and can’t wait to become more familiar with the Adobe systems. Hopefully, finally kiss Microsoft publisher good-bye.

I really don’t have too many fears at the moment, although I know I will struggle these first few weeks with comparing my humble designs to the ones of my more experienced classmates. I keep reminding myself, they had to start at my level too and it is all a learning process. I have never been one to shy away from learning a new skill or immersing myself into a new situation or experience so I’m gearing up to tackle this one! Skill and ease of use will come with time and practice. 🙂

Thank you Professor Croom for your willingness to teach us and see each one of us succeed. Also, I so appreciate your clear love for the course content and the work you have put into the class. I think it’s going to be a great semester and can’t wait to begin. See you in Photoshop (or wherever we are starting)!!

-Meredith Rasnic

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