I Have Never Felt So Close to Age 75

I Have Never Felt So Close to Age 75

Last week, we hit the ground running into the world of design and I am pleased to report, that although I am slightly overwhelmed and realize I have A TON to learn, I am excited for the semester ahead.

Here is a quick recap of what we have done in class and what I have learned:

Day 1: On this day, Professor Croom presented a lesson on the origin of typography and fonts. I found it to be fascinating. It is just wild how many different font families and individual fonts there are. I made sure to take note that “serif” and “san serif” fonts have specific uses- serif is best for paragraphs of text and the printed work. Times New Roman is the most popular serif font. On the other hand, sans serif fonts do not have the little tick marks on the edge of the letters and are best used for web content. Helvetica and Futura are popular sans serif font choices. After the presentation, we returned to the glory days of elementary school and played computer games to familiarize ourselves with fonts. A few of them were much harder than I expected – certainly no Barbie makeover game that my elementary-school-self was accustomed to playing. 😉

Day 2: We paired off with another classmate and found a poster hanging in Gaylord to critique in analyze. Court and I found one advertising Curtsy, the dress rental app. We thought we did a decent job of describing the design elements we had noticed and explained how the designer placed the text in an easy-to-read space and our eyes were drawn to the poster because of the captivating picture. Well, we were doing fine until we said that the poster was “minimal”. Now we know that anything including a photo cannot be minimal. Oops!

I was impressed by everyone else’s observations, suggestions and presentations and am glad to be surrounded by people who know what they are doing. It is my hope that we can all partner together and help each other learn, while encouraging one another when we feel are confused.

Which brings me to my next point… This week we started to learn InDesign. I kind of want to rename the program “ImpossiblefForMeToDesign”. After about ten minutes, I was second-guessing my millennial status and wondered if I had ever even touched this thing they call a computer before because I was so lost. Now I know how my grandparents feel when my brothers and I try to explain the simple task of a Google search or the concept of DVR to them. *sigh*

I understood what was supposed to happen and sort of how to get there, but I was frustrated because the tools seem hard to find and if I missed one step of which window to open, I was lost for the next few steps. I understand this is a complex program and it will take time and practice, but I didn’t walk away feeling super encouraged about my future as a designer. In the words of Professor Croom “I need to take the edge off” and lower my expectations for myself and then I feel much better about where I stand.

Yesterday was better and I am actually pleased with the result of my design. You can see both the original design and my copy below:

The original design 

My design


I have a long way to go and A TON to learn, but I am excited for what I will be able to create when I acquire more skills. In an effort to continue my learning outside of the classroom, I did some research and found these two websites which I feel will be helpful as I continue to learn all the tools InDesign offers a user.

  1. http://www.russellviers.com/
  2. https://indesignsecrets.com/

If you need me this weekend, I will be binging InDesign “how to” videos from these sights.

Well that is all I have for today. It has been a good week, but I am thankful it is the weekend!

See you back here soon–


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