I Didn’t Know What I Had Until It Was Gone…

I Didn’t Know What I Had Until It Was Gone…

I didn’t know what I had until it was gone…

While this statement is usually uttered after a break-up in regards to a romantic relationship, I am borrowing it to describe my relationship with InDesign. I don’t know if I am at a place where I want to say I love it, but when I (hopefully and eventually get comfortable with Adobe), I think InDesign will always be my first love. Perhaps because it is the program I started with and I am comparing all of my new knowledge in other programs to the functions of InDesign. Ya know?

Anyways, we made the transition to Photoshop about two weeks ago and then had the Great Snow Week of 2018. As I remembered how to do school and worked to get back in the swing of things, I completely forgot to blog the week we started Photoshop so I am a little behind in recapping my progress.

So, here we go: I have always wanted to learn Photoshop. If I am being honest here, in 7th grade, I tried to use a sketchy knock-off version to edit pimples and my braces out of all my tragic middle school photos. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I while my braces and pimples are (mostly) gone and my motive for learning has changed, I do still want to familiarize myself with the program.

At first, I was rather frustrated. The guy in the Lynda.com videos makes everything look so easy and I was having to rewind a two-step task six times to follow what he was doing. I was going a little crazy and felt beyond confused. Little by little and 82 questions later (my apologies, Croom!), I began to understand some things and my after turning in my direct mailers yesterday, I am feeling much better than I did when I started the project at the beginning of last week.

Photo from quickmeme.com

I didn’t know what I had until it was gone in another sense this week in that I experienced the pain and loss that comes with working outside of class to make really good progress on a project, only to come to class and find it didn’t save. NOOOO! I truly wanted to scream and ask Ronnie Rhoades, I did just a bit when I realized what had happened. I recovered and all is well, but now I save and save again and then triple save before exiting the program.

I feel I am starting to get the hang of keyboard shortcuts (ALL THE PRAISE HANDS– how did I live without them!?) and am gaining a better understanding and control of the functions. Command T has become my favorite, as the nit-picky side of me often feels the need to readjust a photo or font size 123942 times to make sure it is as straight as can be.

This website has proved to be helpful for learning shortcuts and while I find Lynda.com to be a wonderful resource, I did some exploring and found these as well.

Here are my direct mailers, which I actually really enjoyed making, once I figured the logistics out.









I still have some things to learn and a ways to go, but overall, I am pleased. 🙂

It has been a good week and I am ready to keep learning. For now, goodbye school and HELLLLOOO Spring Break. See you back here soon!



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