And If You Take a Look to the Left, There is the Finish Line

And If You Take a Look to the Left, There is the Finish Line

Well, here we are. Somehow, someway it is the end of another semester. Only the end of this one marks that I am halfway done with college- AH! #notthinkingaboutit

Anyways, back to the classroom.

Last official project? Done.

Last day of class? Check.

Last day in the blessed Ralph Sewell lab I have come to love? Yep.

I made it! #praisehands

As I reflect on this semester (full reflection coming next week), I want to recognize that I have made great progress from where I started at the beginning of the semester, but know I still have a ways to go in the design world.

I feel kind of like this guy in this picture- I am slowly making my way up the mountain. I have been able to stop and turn around and enjoy the view (the view being that I know how to do some tasks I previously did not), however, I have a ways to go before I make it to the top of the mountain and can enjoy the full view.

Slowly and surely.

I don’t want to know everything yet and am excited to still have material to learn. I am looking forward to that in the coming semesters as I take both Digital Design courses.

PR Pubs has been a great introduction and given me a good basis, but I am really excited to continue to learn and grow. I realize some of that just comes with practice and experience which I will be able to gain over the summer.

Specifically, I want to work more closely with InDesign

And, start Illustrator #sayaprayerforme

Anyways, this has been a fantastic (FAST) semester and I have really enjoyed this class.

Thank you, Croom for all the work you have put into it and the 8390894 questions you have answered. I appreciate you!

Hasta la Vista,


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