Hello friends!

I just wanted to give you a quick blog and life update. I have just completed my seventh week of school here at the University of Oklahoma, which is CRAZY! These first few weeks have flown by and I am fastening my seat belt and holding on tight for the rest of the semester because I know it come to an end all too quickly. School is going well. I am finally adjusted to sleeping in a twin bed, sharing a room, eating at strange times of the day, and studying for extended amounts of time that would horrify a high-schooler. 🙂

From football games, a few late night donut/ice cream runs, to date parties, these first weeks have been packed with fun and memories. I have met wonderful people and am having a blast!







Speaking of school, that brings me to the news of my update! I am majoring in Advertising and the first course required for my major is Intro to Mass Communications. The class is a bit overwhelming as it covers a ton of material, but is very fascinating.

My professor is requiring us to start a blog, but since I already have one up and running, I am just going to continue using it. I am not entirely sure what the purpose of the blog will be in relation to the class, but I will continue to post picture updates and my thoughts, along with those school assignments, I will just post them in their own category. Stay tuned and maybe you can get a crash course in Intro to Mass Communications. 🙂

Happy Wednesday and BOOMER SOONER!



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