Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you have found your way here. This blog serves as a journal for my thoughts and ramblings and gives you a glimpse into my life as a college girl.

In my attempt to name this blog, I tossed around all sorts of ideas and googled “how to create a cute blog name”about 18 times. I considered everything from “Fried Green Polka Dots (someone said to take your favorite color and pattern and stick the word in “fried” in front of them hahaha) to “Este es un blog impresionante” which means “this is an awesome blog” in Spanish. Apparently a foreign blog name is more appealing? Needless to say, I obviously just decided to just use my name, (call it  an attempt to be professional, but it is mostly just because there is a lack of  words or phrases that rhyme or go with “Meredith” 🙂 ).

However, while I was on the name hunt, I did stumble upon the word “muse”.  In ancient Greek mythology, a muse was a goddess, considered to be “a woman who is the source of inspiration.” While I am certainly no Greek goddess (unless being in a sorority qualifies me as one 🙂 ), I do want this to be a place where I can spread joy and inspiration. I will share some aspects of my social/college/family life, and may occasionally step out on a limb and do a fashion or foodie post, but my main mission is to post uplifting thoughts, quotes that will spur us on to do good, or a verse that has recently been an encouragement to me in hopes that you will be FILLED WITH JOY as you read my blog.

Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact me. Happy reading! 🙂



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